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    Post Shifting Sands (505)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE 100 - SEASON FIVE
    After a betrayal Octavia leads Wonkru on a march toward Shallow Valley, though a dangerous desert stands in their way. While Diyoza prepares for war Raven and Murphy are tortured, and Abby and Kane try to prove their use to the enemy.

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    Default Re: Shifting Sands (505)

    Someone needs to take Octavia out. She's become to dangerous and a liability. She's going to get them all killed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda06 View Post
    Someone needs to take Octavia out. She's become to dangerous and a liability. She's going to get them all killed
    Yep. For Bellemy's sake, I hope she is just removed from power, rather than killed. She hasn't adjusted her worldview to include them no longer being confined to the bunker. The authoritarian rule-of-law first, last and always we required in the bunker, just as it was in the Ark at the start of the series. That is no longer the case, and can no longer be justified.
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