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    Default Suggestions on building 1:1 scale stargate

    Has anyone built a fully functional stargate (fascimile) as of yet? I have been getting into more and more intricate prop builds as my ability increases and this seems like a good fun project.

    I think the stickler would be getting the symbols to move freely and building the unit for easy take down and installation. Due to the size it will be easy to add the needed motors and servos to give it the sounds and movement we all know and love.

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    Default Re: Suggestions on building 1:1 scale stargate

    Check out this thread:

    A group called MacGyver's Children are working on it. I don't know the status of the project but here is their Facebook page:

    Here's a link to their YouTube Channel:

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    Default Re: Suggestions on building 1:1 scale stargate

    The BCD or Belgian Prop Crew was the first in Europe to build a lifesize SG-1 gate from scratch. Our gate is made out of MDF wood, and has an outer and inner ring. The inner ring was supposed to spin but due to lacking the appropriate motor to power the thing, it never came to that. Our chevrons do light up and we printed the event horizon which fits inside the gate. It has a staircase in front so people at conventions can pose in front. We also have a DHD, and one of our members recreated one of the ancient transporters from The Quest to go with it.

    The Swiss team are using moulds from the actual gate to build their gate. It's made out of fibreglass if I'm not mistaken.

    Scroll down past our Star Wars prop collections and you'll find our gate displayed (the group in front or the Frenchies, that's not us).

    Two closer ups -- again scroll past the Star Wars stuff -- you can't miss the gate (and the three idiots in front of it, including yours truly)
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