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    Post Of Two Minds (316)

    Visit the Episode GuideSUPERGIRL - SEASON THREE
    An outbreak connected to the third Worldkiller, Pestilence, pits Supergirl and Imra against one another when they believe different strategies are necessary. Lena tries to help Sam learn more about Reign.

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    The Lena/Sam scenes were good as always. Those two really sell it onscreen. I really hope Lena can find a way to save Sam and destroy Reign. The Sam/Reign talks were intriguing and slightly creepy.

    I'm so glad Kara and Imra are on the way to maybe becomng friends and they've come to an understanding

    As for Lena's secret, well Kara/Supergirl can't take the moral high ground here as she's been keeping secrets since day one about everything while up to this point Lena has been honest with Kara. On this show it's like "oh I can keep screts and lie to you but you aren't allowed to do the same because i'll get my knickers in a twist if you do" But yeah Lena done the right thing here with the information she had at the time. She had no idea about the others and she's the only chance Sam had because what Lena said about them locking her away and using her as a lad rat is probably accurate

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    I disagree. While I understand why Lena did what she did...Kara has to protect her identity. I think that is of greater importance. In addition, Sam is a world killer. There are shades of grey involved.

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