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    Post Sleeping Giants (503)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE 100 - SEASON FIVE
    While defending their home from the newcomers Clarke is captured, coming face-to-face with the prisoners' ruthless leader. Bellamy and Raven lead their friends onto the Eligius IV mothership in orbit, where they discover a new threat to the people they love.

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    Default Re: Sleeping Giants (503)

    My God! The 100 never ceases to amaze. I really like the Bellamy bunch side of the story.
    Echo and Emori lived up there for six years so now they've seen how skaikru lived their whole life just like skaikru spent the last 5 seasons (not sure how many years that was) getting acquainted to the grounder life.
    The episode has many good highlights.

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    Default Re: Sleeping Giants (503)

    I liked this episode. A new group, who at least seems willing to talk, not just kill.

    But I have to wonder. A prison ship, where the prisoners are in cryosleep? That is a relatively advance spaceship for the society which created it. (Earth, pre-destruction. There had to have been a more economical way to handled criminals.

    Oh, and I loved Clarke's reply to "How was the Earth destroyed".. " Which time".

    It looks like they're gonna be alternating between stories; Bunkercrew in one week, surface/spacecrew the next. Not sure I am gonna like waiting two weeks for the next surface/space crew story. Frankly, i don't give a damn what happens to bunkercrew, they just seem to be going over old territory again, as I noted for last week's ep.
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