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    Default Repairing and refitting the Tria

    Hey Folks! Haven't been here for a while. Thing is, I just finished rewatching all 5 seasons of SGA and now I'm thinking about starting writing a fanfic. The premise is that Atlantis flew back to PG and they also rebuilt Midway Station. Using the Daedalus's sensors they were able to locate the Tria which according to Joe Mallozzi is still floating somewhere btw the two galaxies. The sublight engines were still in good shape so they were able to fly it to midway where they were able to install a new hyperdrive or repair the old one. Then it flew to Atlantis in order to help the expedition in their struggles against the Wraith and all the other threats they face. Now with a permanent crew they regularly go on shorter/longer missions but always return to Atlantis which they use as their base of operations.

    So to my questions:
    1. How compatible do you guys think Ancient and Asgard tech is? I've always thought that in a way Asgard tech is based on Ancient tech so their hyperdrive technology should be compatible with an ancient ship. Also since we still can't make drones, probably it would be a good idea to try to retrofit the ship with the plasma weapons our 304s use.
    2. What kind of power source do Aurora class ships use? We know some of them had ZPMs but surely there were other generators too. As far as we know neither the Orion nor the Traveller Aurora had a zpm. So what do they use? Something like our naquadah generators?
    3. Just how big of a crew do we need to operate a ship like that? We know that it's huge: according to the scales that can be found on the internet it's 3000-3500 m long which makes it about 10x the size of a Daedalus class ship.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Repairing and refitting the Tria

    I don't think asgard technology was ever stated or implied to be based on Ancient stuff.

    We don't know what the ancients use for power. It was suggested to be some sort of heavy element but never straight up said to be Naquahdah.

    It may not need a crew more than a few hundred, the ancients were efficient after all.

    The Tria needed sublight because it sustained heavy damage in a fight and the hyperdrive gave out mid-way. I doubt a hyperdrive is all it needs, and it's possible that it's little more than a floating heap of scrap.

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    Default Re: Repairing and refitting the Tria

    it had functioning power, im sure the ancients planned on repairing it after fixing up atlantis and useing atlantis to rebuild thier tech and power

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    Default Re: Repairing and refitting the Tria

    its possible the ancients actually used a wierd mix of replicator technology for power production and perhaps a mix of chrystals and high energy physics with the heavy metal as a source of fusion or fission and then just recycled it again and again

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