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    Default What would happen

    Hi there people,
    As the title all ready is saying what would happen if you throw a active(dialled out) gate into the sun?
    It is a question that is hopping arround in my mind for some time now.
    Hope to hear your thoughts.

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    Default Re: What would happen

    It melts.

    I wish I could be more dramatic than that. I am thinking of the one episode when Carter sends a gate flying into the sun. It even needed a shield so it could reach it. If you're wondering whether the wormhole can suck in enough matter to trigger a nova, I would doubt it. They needed a black hole to do that. Overall, I say it would melt away.

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    Yea it would melt.

    The active gate would be able to soak quite a bit more heat than an inactive one, but inevitably it would fail. A gatebuster can destroy an active gate, and a sun outputs way more energy than that.

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    Default Re: What would happen

    Thanks for the reply.

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