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    Post Dead or Alive Or (811)

    Daryl finds himself in bad company as his group heads to the Hilltop; Maggie makes difficult decisions at the Hilltop; Gabriel's faith becomes tested. (Zap2It)


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    I'm not sure why but Tara is annoying me. I realize that Dwight was the one to kill Denise, and I don't expect them to be best friends, but they have all done unspeakable things to survive or save a loved one. Hopefully he can show his allegiance in a way that they can't ignore. He has already done a lot for them.

    I was bummed about Dr Carson, poor Gabriel, I hope he doesn't lose faith. I am so holding onto hope that Eugene is planning something to help Rick and Co, bad bullets perhaps??

    I don't love the prisoners at the Hilltop, I hope the long haired scum bag gets him comeuppance.

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    Good episode.

    I was so shocked when Carson and Gabriel were captured - thought they'd be cruising in to Alexandria with fresh supplies... Even more-so when Carson got himself killed. I expect he was envisioning what awaited him at Negan's hand... namely a hot iron... or worse.

    What did the sign say (that alerted Gabriel)? Guessing "watch the trap" or such...

    Despite the beliefs that Judith will "take over" from Karl, I did wonder if something would happen to her during the journey - but no, arrived safe and sound, just ahead of daddy.

    I like that they are showing the "good" prisoner - showing that not all Saviours are bad - however I'm starting to wonder if he may actually do something stupid given the chance...

    So did we just see Maggie's new husband?
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