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    Default Re: Milky Way galaxy in 2020

    I was thinking on how to create our own Stargate board game. It should be something simple, but something elegant and not too boring, which could played by 1-2-3-4 people and what could be made even at home. I am still thinking on the rules how it could work or we could make different game modes.

    So my idea is that there would be a printed a stargate, which has 39 symbols. We also need a deck of stargate symbols. Each player would draw 6 symbol cards from the deck and that is the planet. They have to "lock" while they are moving 7 pawns on the printed stargate and that would be the goal to win the game. The cards must be faced in front of the players by the pulling order, so it can not be varied (it would be too easy to arrange them by numbers). The 7th symbol is the same for everyone (also optional rule).

    The players would pull one card from the remaining symbol deck and who has got a bigger value that will start the "dialing", but then they can put those ones back to the pack.

    Game mode 1.) The moved pawns could enter at the 7th symbol position (at 12 o' clock), then they should simple walk around. The players could use one dice to establish the steps. Pawn can not stand on the same glyph, but they can jump each other (even the opponent pawns too). They could leave the circle (the stargate) when they stand on such symbol what the player has drawned. Once a pawn has stood on such symbol, it can not be moved as the chevron is "coded". To make the game quicker the order of the symbol wouldn't matter in this version. The players should really focus on strategy which pawns should or shouldn't be moved first as the speed of dialing could be essential to win against the opponents.

    Game mode 2.) This version is the same like game mode 1, but the order of the dialing must be kept how the symbols are placed in front of the player.

    Game mode 3.) In this version the opponent could make us ruin the dialing. So if he stands on such symbol which belongs to an other player, then he can activate it which means he can send back the closest (still moveable) opponent pawn to the 7th symbol position (starting place).

    Game mode 4.) When a symbok is " locked" then the pawn is moved from the board and placed on the chevron which symbolizes that it was lit. If two symbols are locked (like chevron 1 and 2 at 2 o' clock and 3 o'clock) then the reaming pawns can skip those glyphs on the board which can greatly speed up the game. This step could be interesting if chevron 3 and 4 are locked as it could cover a big amount of the circle (chevron 8 and 9 are not playeable). This tactic could also work if you play without order as it means somebody can lock easily the chevron 4-5 track, so it coud mean a significant strategy boost. Opponent pawns are not affected. The main disadvantage could be that in the beginning it wouls be worth of moving all the pawns with each other as they jump each other, while if you decide to lock a section of the gate then they can't be jumped directly, but they can cover a bigger area.

    Game mode 5.) I was thinking on such a version, where the inner ring (the whole stargate) could be spinned around. When a pawn has riched that glyph which can be locked by a player, then whole stargate would spin arond, so that particular glyph will move around to the 7th chevron position, but then it can be placed on the chevron outside of the ring, then the player can even roll the dice again. It also means that every pawns will move around with the stargate the new anti-clockwise rotation. This can be a nice combination if somebody wants to play game mode 4 and 5 together as the pawns maybw will be moved back so they unlocked segments can affect the remaining one differently.

    Game mode 6.) The dialing sequence could be chosen by the player, so he/she can decide which way she would like to move the pawns (clockwise or anticlockwise), but it can not be changed until they haven't locked a symbol. So it can happen that player 1 goes to the left while the player 2 to the right to reach their own 1st symbol on the board (and jump theirs own pawns), but then if they also play game mode 5 then the inner ring must be moved to that direction which is closest to the the 7th symbol. That could greatly influence the opponent pawns as they all stand on the same ring etc.

    If they don't use game mode 6 then at least one of the glyph must be over 30+ when they pull out the cards from the glyph deck to establish the coordinates of planet. Imagine if somebody would be so lucky that all 7 symbols are under 10 then the game would end really quicly. But if they would use the Game mode 6 (the two way dialing) then this rule must be suspended as if you pull glyph 30-39 then it could be easily reached from anti-clockwise steps from the 7th chevron.

    The end of the game would be the 7th symbol. The players could have the same symbol, so really only one of them could win. Or they could have an individual 7th symbol from the deck as they agree.

    Maybe the steps could be decided by the glyph cards as well instead of using a dice. The player could pull two glyph cards then the difference (smaller deducted from the bigger) could tell how many steps they have got. Just it means some lucky players could pull out glyph 1 and 39, then it would be 38 steps! So maybe it shouldbe divided by the number of players. But the steps could not be shared between pawns as everyone would choose that number of steps what they need to lock chevron(s).

    Some additional cards could be added in the glyph desk (like a naquadah reactor, Iris) which could give some boost to the gameplay etc. Naquadah reactor(s) could be like a joker which can be placed on any symbol in front of the player, so that one can be already "dialed", so a pawn can be placed on that chevron / symbol it depends which game mode they play. The number of naquadah reactor cards must be the same as the number of players as part of the fair play, but it is their decision if one player can use more than one or not if they are lucky enough to pull them out of the desk. Nobody can have a naquadah reactor in the starting 7 symbol, so that must be put back into the pack. And if they estabish the steps by dice anyway, then no cards will be pulled anyway after the planets' symbols are pulled out at the start.

    The game could be still interesting with 3-4 people as we have got only 39 symbols, so if everyone needs 7 then the game could be much quicker. The fun could be how to ruin the other players' final steps with the inner ring's clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation as it could influence the strategy. As I have said since the symbols are fix on the ring and pawns also don't move with the rotation, this whole idea is all about game mode 4 when they started to lock some sections of the gate for themselves.

    Anyway this is my board game idea. I am guessing I won't be hired by Hasbro to develop games, but maybe it could be still used. I believe it could be fun and the different game modes could create so many combinations so maybe the replayable value would be higher.

    ^^^^ All these ideas were a quick improvisation from the last 2 hours. I am sure plumber would be proud of me as the my Muse must have kissed me again.
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    Default Re: Milky Way galaxy in 2020

    Here is a quick improvization (fan fiction is coming) :
    Earlier I was thinking on such an idea, where my DHD living Jinn character can see on the network map in the Hub that some abnormal gate activities are concentrated only in one world, then he sends out a team to find out what is going on. They arrive with their "shell" ship which uses the latest stargate drive technology. They find a very modern noir type world which has got many Stargates, but they can be found only one planet. The local noir nations could use this network for travelling (like the doors in Monsters inc). So the team arrive there and the shell occupied the stargate, they decide to study the local civilization. They find out the locals have translated some Ancient ruins which has given them a big technological boost. Unfortunately the team was treated as intruders after the first contact, so when they want to escape and they manage to flee back to the cloaked shell ship, they find out they can't dial out from the planet after the local modifications, but they can jump to the next one. They discover that there are 39 gates on the surface of the planet, which is against any stargate protocol what they have encountered before and even the navigation of shell is starting to malfunction as it shows every location as 8 symbol addresses. At least they know now that the unusual gate activity was that the gates are used for daily transport between the continents. They also find out that the locals are not evolved enough to understand the higher gate technology, so there must be some secret what they haven't told them. The team findnd out that the Ancient ruin was actually a crashed gate seeding ship which was still working, but it was unable to be repaired to fly again. This ship could make dozents of stargates but since the locals didn't know any coordinates, they could never dial out. The seeder ship has got only one 8 symbol coordinate and when they compare it with their reading it is actually the local planet's dialing code from an other galaxy. The seeding ship was called back centuries ago by someone, but then the ship has crashed into the atmosphere. The team finds out with their unique shell ship that all the local gates have got the same coordinates. They have to use 8 symbols, where the first 6 and the last one is the same, but the the 7th symbol is different and it works like a point of origin within the same location. So this was the way how the locals could place only 39 gates on the planet, but since they have never found any cartouche they could never leave their homeplanet. The team also realizes they couldn't dial out as the priority is shared between the newly named "subgates" and only one can be dominant and even their shell ship can't cope with it. So they have to jump around to find the original stargate, so they could escape. Since the locals would be a treat anyway to the galaxy, they decide they won't reveal that they are part of a bigger network. They also make a vote in the Hub that they have to turn off their network, so they will dial them to infect their network, while the Jinn warns the team that the local overactive mini-stargate network is maybe neutralized and the flow of the cosmic background radiation (CBR) restored, but maybe they have just released a new hostile threat to the galaxy with their actions....

    I hope you liked it. This idea could work in any stargate network, while it connects and extends the gate lore. There could be any human or alien race on the planet, while their motivations could be varied whatever the main plot needs.

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    Default Re: Milky Way galaxy in 2020

    I haven't been here for a while, so I would copy this post here too :

    Quote Originally Posted by Platschu View Post
    They could roughly follow the story ideas of Stargate : Worlds

    *** Stargate : Worlds SPOILERS ***
    The Stargate Worlds story went through many iterations and redevelopments over the lifespan of the project, but the final story which was being worked on up until the point of the game's cancellation was as follows:

    All events in the story at launch were meant to be inserted into the time gap between the end of Season 8 of SG-1 and the beginning of Season 9. Following the launch of the game additional storylines would have been introduced which were to connect with the Ori plotline and Atlantis plotlines in development at the time.
    There was also a brief plan to connect an in-game Stargate Worlds event with the launch of Stargate Universe. Following the collapse of Worlds, this part was retained as Eli's story.
    The overarching story for the game at launch was centered around the return of Ra and his attempt at reconquering the galaxy with the aid of remaining Goa'uld and Jaffa die-hards and his new army of Straegis - an alien species invented for the game.
    The Straegis were going to be revealed as the Furling species, damaged and enslaved by Ra.
    The "good" player faction was going to be the Stargate Union: an alliance between the SGC, several Free Jaffa tribes, and the Asgard. Asgard player characters would be assisted by sophisticated and customized drone robots for physical and combat tasks.
    As part of the continuing storyline, after the Asgard race became extinct player characters would be able to continue play as holographically projected by their drones.
    The "villain" player faction was going to be the Praxis: an alliance between Ba'al, Queen Anat (a Goa'uld queen invented for the game), Mok'hatan (a disowned daughter of Bra'tac who led her own tribe), and Col. Marsh (leader of OP-CORE, an amalgamation of rogue NID and human military factions).
    The "New Mind Goa'uld" player character race was an invention of the game, Goa'uld birthed by Anat without the complete racial memory of the Goa'uld in an effort to avoid making the same mistakes.
    As part of the game's storyline, Anat was to be assassinated by the player characters and Ba'al driven out of the Praxis.
    In the initial levels, players would play through the formation of the SGU and/or the Praxis and discover the existence of a widespread cult dedicated to Ra's return.
    After tracking down the cult to Ihpet, a fortress world of Ra's, the players would witness his rebirth.
    The next levels would cover holding off Ra's invasion of various worlds and figuring out his master plan. This arc culminated in a battle on Dakara where Ra's forces would use the Ancient device there to bring forth his army of Straegis.
    Fighting against the Straegis would lead players to Agnos, an Atlantis-like Ancient library world intended to serve as the repository of Ancient knowledge when humanity was "ready" and master source of all of the repositories seen in the show. It was also the home of the last human Ancients, of which only two had survived the plague and long time in stasis.
    This is the world seen as part of Prometheus in Stargate Universe.
    As part of the plotline, players would of course need to destroy the intelligence maintaining the world in order to stop Ra and the Straegis.
    Finally players would locate the means to travel to the Furling homeworld and free them from Ra's command. This would pave the way towards defeating Ra finally and lead into the endgame and future content releases.

    Other plotlines which were to be explored in game:
    The formation of the Lucian Alliance.
    The dissolution of the Alliance of Four Races.
    Players were to discover that each of the races had constructed a potential "caretaker" species to carry on existence in the Milky Way after it had gone.
    The Ancients created humanity, obviously.
    The Furling were to have said to create the Goa'uld as their caretaker species.
    The Nox were to be revealed as insisting that none was needed.
    The Asgard were to have created a technological solution called "Solacris" which spectacularly backfired, resulting in the crippling of their race and the creation of the plague which killed all the unascended Ancients, sparking the dissolution of the Alliance. The "Solacris" was to be a key player in the post-Ra content.


    Some elements of the SG:W storyline could be kept as part of the future of Milky Way. But I believe a new spinoff needs new enemies, new alliances and the whole Goa'uld story is discussed back and forth.

    I would definately introduce a new President, who was hostile to the whole program after the attack In Washington (SGU season 2). So SGC is closed down officially, but unofficially it was used to send criminals / political enemies, so the OP-Core storyline would start.

    The Lucian Alliance would attack the offworld prison world and the ex NID agents would ally with them.
    The role of Anat could be taken over by Athene as she knows a lot about Earth.
    The Jaffa Empire would forge a truce after a horrible civil war between Rebel Jaffa and Loyal Jaffa.
    SGC is destroyed and later it is rebuilt as a Moon base.
    Atlantis has flown back to Pegasus galaxy with Todd and Sheppard.
    Area 51 has developed new type of jumper ships (X305) as the next defense line.
    Eli and a few Destiny survivor have returned through the gate but the don't know what happened. They believe the Eden aliens have helped them. They try to resettle in their civil life, while some of them would join the Homeworld Security on the Moon base to help out the MW conflicts.
    Asgard could ve still alive as their Unending trick was a mass ascension attempt. Anyway the Vanirs would take over their heritage and they would even visit Earth and other ex-Protected Planets for some hidden treasure see Solackris storyline.

    But this is just a start. Okay, we have skipped 10 years, but life hasn't stopped in the galaxy. New trade routes, new agressive empires would rise again.
    If you have read back this thread there were a few ideas regarding the Nox, the Asgard and the Furling. Somehow I imagined that they all came from different galaxies and Milky Way was just a meeting point for them where they have dealt with each other. This explanation could be a major step-ahead in the lore, while it would introduce new gate systems and new gate functions to the existing status quo.

    My basic concept is
    - Nox : they are the isolationist, the protector of nature and natural evolution. They are also a master of transphase technology, so all the transphase related adventures, discoveries, smaller races would be related to the Nox
    - Asgard : they are technocrats, who strongly believe in technology. They are the master of teleportation, so all the beaming technology, war drones, cloning, virtual AIs etc would be related to Asgard. I will talk about them and their legacy a bit deeper in the next post.
    - Furling : they are elementalist, miners of rare materials, creators of the megalithic cultures on Earth. They are masters of terraforming, chrystals, dealing with unorganic life forms. Their past is mysterious, but it would be revealed they are also not just from an other galaxy, but also from an other reality.

    Next to them a few more alien races could have visited Earth and they have taken away people for their own reasons:
    - Oannes (the race of Omoroca) - see flood myths
    - Giant Aliens (the race of Omeyocan) - see chrystal skull network
    - Titans
    - any other mythology based aliens from Asian cultures

    So all of these races have asked the help of the Ancients who has designed and built an own gate system or they have "acquired" this technology after the defeat of the Ancients.

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    Default Re: Milky Way galaxy in 2020

    Stargate : Valhalla

    So lets talk about a few lore facts what we know regarding the Asgard :
    - there are approximately 26 Asgard Protected Planets in the Milky Way
    - Asgard have ruled or were dominant race in the Ida galaxy before they were run over by the bug type of Replicators
    - they were also a dying race because of cloning
    - Earth is the heir of their knowledge after the events of Unending
    - Earth scientists have made replicators to defeat the Ori (Prior) fleet
    - we managed to piss off a group of renegade Asgard (the Vanirs) who were hiding in the Pegasus galaxy on a gateless planet

    .... and now the continuation :

    Ragnarok, part 1

    A little back story. Earth has closed the SGC years ago officially after the revelation of the Stargate Programme to the public after the attack in Washington. This step started a major cultural changes on the planet as people started demonstrations and alien welcoming festivals in front of the Cheyenne Mountain in spite of the goverment and IOA have tried to communicate about the lurking dangers. Times are changing, the old Presdient has stepeped down after 2 cycles. The new President is supportive and he is deeply ashamed as earlier goverment has used the stargate to deport people offworld into the world called the Castle. They decide to turn ithe SGC into a Museum after public pressure while the real stargate is transported to the Moon.

    Now the IOA have built a new Moon Base which has got a few new Asgard technologies built thanks to the Asgard Core (like new dialing computer, artifical gravity, force fields). One of the defense system is the Bifröst technology which can move people between spaces. Carter and McKay believes it is the same teleport system what they have encountered on Cimmeria which has transported Teal'c into the labirinth, so they believe it would be useful to have an own Thor's hammer in the base. And even Merlin has used in his private gate network (see the events of the 10x11 The Quest, part 2) and they believe it can be combined with the gate systems which is worth the risk to build it in as a new line of defense. Earth has got an upgraded beaming technology and even the ring transport is also available, but they couldn't figure out how to combine the beaming technology with the stargate even with the lifetime work of Daniel and Sam what Teal'c has brought back from the alternative future. Earth has managed to develop new type of jumper ships while Atlantis has been on Earth for years, but most of them were used by Homeworld Security now.

    The agents of the Homeworld security would discover some energy signatures of the Bifröst, so it was definately used in the past. Scientists has a theory that they could move people and objects between planets even without the Stargates through this advanced Asgard technology.

    Rebel Jaffas would also report that Lucian Alliance has succesfully occupied the Castle and the have taken captives of former NID agents. The newly formed Praxis are also planning an attack on formerly Asgard Protected Planets for new technologies.

    Asgard censors in the Moon Base also detects that after an incoming wormhole the Bjölnir also activated and somebody has landed somewhere on Earth. The Homeworld Security agents fly to the location where they find only a civil alien relic hunter in an ancient, ruined Norse temple in Sweden. He is arrested and taken to Washington to the Homeworld Security.

    Also the gossip starts to spread on the FAPP (formerly Asgard Protected Planet) that the Ragnarok has started. Earth has tried to keep the news of the mass suicide of the Asgard in secret as they didn't want to cause panic and to break cultural taboos. When they finally admit to the sceptical voices what happened, then suddenly the Asgard shows up on the Cimmeria again not as a hologram, but as real living Asgard. Everybody is confused and the SG teams are not welcomed anymore. The Asgard tell them that the suicide act was a mass ascension attempt which was successful as they have reached the Valhalla. The heroes of MC (the Moon Command) believes that maybe it was a fake Thor similar what Coulson has made in season 8. They are also sceptical why would Thor not say a word about it and Carter believes something is not right. When Daniel asks them about specific historic events from their past they find out these Asgards are clones of the existing Asgard, but the facility must be controlled by someone in their own galaxy. The act of the returned Asgard will change so the locals force the team to escape back to the Moon Base (Earth). They decide if they could defeat the Goa'uld false gods then they have to investigate why the Asgard started to play this role again or what is going on on.

    What our don't know yet that the Vanirs will fly back to the Ida galaxy after that they have heard that their cousins have died. They want to enter into an Asgard vault amongst the overruned worlds which has got some serious weapons, mainly war drones which were shut down in the Replicator war. But since Thor has made sure that unauthorized people can never enter and use them for bad reason, he has locked some part of the masterkeys in the Asgard database what Earth has inherited. The Vanirs start to forge a new plans how to access it without direct confrontation, so they want to lure out or capture the Odussey from the Milky Way, but also force Atlantis to leave our Solar Sytem. The Attero device is reactivated and nobody can open hyperspace windows. Everybody blames Earth and the Lucian Alliance promises heavy attacks against Earth.

    They decide they should try to speak with them through the device on the K'Tau planet, but when they dial High Council, they can see only a prerecorded message, while it looks like thousands of new Asgard war drones floating around the destroyed Asgard Parliament. Thor's message is clear that if they see this message then their drones were reactivated again because of the Replicators they were turned off and only the heirs on Midgard can still controll them with the mastercode. The team fears these new weapons can change the status quo of the remains of Ida galaxy if it falls into the wrong hands and the Asgards have got the capability to send them through the stargates into our network even into the Milky Way.

    They will dial the only known stargate 8 address to reach the same planet where O'Neill used to go, but they could have walked into a trap. A holographic Asgard shows up in the gate room who introduce himself as the representive Vaettir with a weird Norse accent while she talks in rhyms. She admits she was the one who has arrived through the gate in Europe. She is more than happy to see Midgard again with his own eyes. She tells them she used to be a close friend of Heimdall.

    She gives them a new, formerly unknown 8 chevron address to the planet Valhalla in the Ida galaxy. He warns them to not enter the gate without using the Bifröst what he is willing to modify to the intergalactic journey. He said the the Asgard controlled gate system is corrupted by the old gods, so everybody will die who enter the wormholes and the life treating technological update can reach the Milky Way system too in any minute, but if he modifies the colour of the rainbow adding an extra colour, then the new Bifröstr can transport them safely there through an active wormhole. He also asks them to hide the Asgard Database as Earth will be a target as it will lure the Vanirs here. The MC leadership tells him the Odussey is on a mission, so it is safe at the moment and the Attero device will keep them away anyway. They are shocked to hear that the Vanirs are behind the incident on Cimmeria and they must have left the Pegasus galaxy.

    Vaettir also insist again that Erik is innocent as he was only at the temple what used to be the start of the rainbow (the old Bifröst) , but he must go with him to the Othala galaxy and she will explain everything on her spaceship. Erik is beamed to the Moon Command and he believes he is a victim of goverment conspiracy and now he is sentenced to be in prison offworld. In spite of he wanted to contact aliens he is really scarred in this new situation. Vaettir hasn't revealed to him, but he is a victim of Loki's cloning experiment and that is the reason he had a connection to the ruins.

    And that is how the new adventure starts....
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    Default Re: Milky Way galaxy in 2020

    Anyway that was just a quick improvisation like a first version. As you can see I have tried to use the existing lore and story elements, but I still have to think on the characters. Now I have just used Sam or Daniel, but it is optional. And we have to find a real good reason why the old heroes can not go to the Ida galaxy.

    It is not a big secret that the hologram "Vaettir" is not an Asgard as she will the DHD living entity who just projectiles herself as a hologram. She is a shapeshifter as she can transform herself into any form who has touched a DHD chyrstal. Probably she could be connected to the Blue Chrystal aliens or any ascended lifeform, but just read back for the notes.

    This "Erik" character will be also shocked that his clones are living in the Ida galaxy see also earlier notes (reality show, pet war drone etc.) And that is the main reason why Vaettir hasn't chosen O'Neill or his younger clone to bring it with her.... Originally the plan was to be played by Mike Dopoud. So that would be an easter egg explanation why he has played so many roles as literally his clones are grown up on different planets even in different galaxies. But then this story idea would be a bit similar to the Stormtroopers.

    The third character is this biologist character, who is a bit antihero. Her father/husband was arrested and locked up in the Castle. She could be the wife of Colonal Makepeace, but she was also kicked out of the Stargate Programme in spite of her good work. She has studied the accelaration of biolgic evolution on the different planets which was caused by the existance of gate system. Since her family member is affected her work and employement was suspended. She started a legal fight to release her father/husband, so basically she has turned against the Homeworld Security. Later she was still working with alien technologies on Earth which were brought to Earth by Athena/Trust/Lucian Alliance. They wanted to force her to grow some new seeds of kassa and, but she has refused and then the Lucian Alliance started to hunt for her. Then she asked asylium from the Homeworld Security as she was working for them as a double-agent for the whole time. But it was still not enough to give her permission to visit her husband offworld, so she is still angry to the Homeworld Security. So basically she is a positive hero with a bit harsh personality and complicated Stargate related family background. And as a biologist she can be used in many future "biohazard" storylines. She could be also connected to the half-Nox race which was planning to be introduced in the RPG game. They would be like the Priors of the Nox, like the nymphs in the mythology. So that would be a major secondary character development plot, but it would be also an explanation why the DHD Jinn (aka Vaettir) wanted them to be on his journey.

    But anyway we can add 1-2 main characters from the existing lore, but after that this new team will be a bit isolated in the Ida galaxy. It would be funny to see the grown up Cassandra or Todd, but he belongs to the events of the Pegasus galaxy.

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    Default Re: Milky Way galaxy in 2020

    My muse must have kissed me last night. Sorry for the grammatical errors and mistyping, but my PC is not working correctly at the moment, so I have typed everything on my tablet.

    I know the base story sounds a bit confusing. Maybe the Hub idea and the shell type shipgates should be kept for the Oannes controlled galaxy.

    What I was planning for the Ida galaxy (a little summary of previous ideas) and the local gatesystem :
    - there are runes on the stargate
    - chevrons are purple
    - Asgard / Vanir couldn't enter the wormholes as it causes genetic degenerations for them in long term use
    - they have got exoskeletons / spacesuits to enter the gate
    - there are columns attached to the stargate or are in front of it which is the mythological Bifrost
    - Bifrost can beam people through an existing wormhole between two stargates
    - the distance and the landing side (like Triskele) can be modified which needs a circle type of Asgard device similar to the transport rings (so that will be the reason why the Jinn has ended up at the old arriving station)
    - the Asgard could travel between two circles without activating the stargate as it used the combination of gate synchronization protocols
    - these circles were used to transport people from Earth to the Ida galaxy (and Protected Planets in MW)
    - unfortunately the new heroes will realize that Vanirs can also visit Earth, so they must locate and turn off this Asgard heritage on Earth
    - Asgard has been on Destiny in the past
    - Asgard has updates the gate protocoll that unorganic materials couldn't enter, so that is the reason Replicators (and the metal based war drones) haven't used the gate system there - that is also the reason why jumpers can not go there
    - the Vanirs have extended the protocoll to humans as well, so they have paralized the MW with the Atteno device, so nobody else can fly to the Ida galaxy, but no living person can dial in eitzer
    - that is the reason the Space Jinn is a key player as she/he has gone to Midgard for help and one of the first task to turn off by the new heroes as they have to use the Bifröst as they can also not enter the gate
    - unfortunately that was the plan of the Vanirs as well as they want to capture the Jinn
    - gates can be dialed to write runes in the air

    - meanwhile our heroes discover that the Ida galaxy is still full of life in spite of the devasting Replicator attacks
    - isolated / protected races will start to use the gate systems (mythology related new races, the 9 realms, Yggdrasil)
    - human civilizations are discovered who are descendants of the Vikings
    - some of them are really high tech and they were hided from the Replicators in the gate systems memory
    - some dangerous or young civilizations were kept in time dilatation fields, which are stopped now as the Asgard have gone -- some of them will start war with the drones
    - a new hostile race will also reach the galaxy to conquer the Asgard heritage, so that would keep the Vanirs occupied
    - a new Asgard fraction returns from the past which could have saved the genetic problem of the Asgard
    - we would here more about the Solakris (maybe some genetic experiment which leaded to the fall of the Ancients and the Asgard)
    - the new heroes would work on a secret base (Valhalla) which can be isolated from the local network and it has got a unique Stargate (the mimicri gate of the Jinn spaceship)
    - Travelers from the Pegasus galaxy, escaping Goa'uld or Lucian Alliance motherships could be also show up in the Ida galaxy when the ongoing war would escalate to the Milky Way on Protected Planets
    - but the main theme would be about heavy Norse mythology based adventures combined with AI, technology upgrades, hologram technologied, virtual reality, time acceleration fields, cosmic evolution etc. questions

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    Default Re: Milky Way galaxy in 2020

    Well.. I have forgotten about the SG novels. Since I haven't read them I was not aware of it that the Valhalla idea was used in a novel anyway. It was interesting to read a few synopsis. The Vanirs have also showed up heavily in the continuation of the Atlantis. But anyway the 9 realms can be still kept in the Milky Way, while the Ida galaxy could have a fresh start. And since the Asgard has just fled to the Othala galaxy maybe a stargate system was never built there or it was never colonized by the Asgard.

    I am just entertaining myself as I was just thinking on this fan fiction idea, because what if it is also a "time bomb" of an alien intervention? So the aliens have flooded the Ancient outpost to block the stargate. Then they knew that if Earth is going to reach a critical technological level then the global warming will melt the ice and they can be eliminated as a long-term masterplan / punishment of this alien race. I know it is sounds a really dark twist.

    I still have to rethink about the Omoroca storyline as well, since the Children of the Gods were focusing on the Giant aliens, the Chrystal Skull and the Aztecs.
    Maybe the Omoroca story should be rethought just within the Sumerian mythology without crossing the American culture. Just that step would be a good explanation why Hathor would go there. It is funny I have read a few nice wikipedia articles about the Sumerapian creation myth:
    Since Marduk and Tiamat are also established in the SG lore, they must be connected to each other. Tiamat's story is interesting as well. She was a goddess of salty water. Perfect as an enemy or a fallen member of the Oannes race. Maybe she became a host or something. I will think about it.

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