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    Post Enter Flashtime (415)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE FLASH - SEASON FOUR
    After a nuclear bomb detonates in Central City the Flash turns to his speedster friends for help with the impossible task of stopping a devastating explosion that has already happened -- pushing themselves to the breaking point.

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    I really enjoyed this episode. It really showed how fast Barry actually is. Jessie and Jay could barely keep up. But it made it clear he can't run like that all the time.
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    Good episode! It was good to see Jesse and Jay. I was surprised that Killer Frost told Barry to save Caitlin...I wonder if that was genuine concern for Caitlin or if Killer Frost was thinking more of self-preservation. I know that Caitlin remembered what Killer Frost had said and that usually didn't happen. It was nice to see Jesse and Harry mend some fences!

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