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    Default Re: MGM Open To More Stargate Depending on Success of Stargate Origins and SGC

    Quote Originally Posted by ScifigirlSG View Post
    I'll believe it when a network is announced.
    When it airs... not before.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mnikolic View Post
    It'd be difficult for them to start writing or even filming anything now due to the COVID-19 situation. Stargate is a show that requires coreograqphers, stunt actors, makeup etc.. That's a whole a lot of people. MGM is probably delaying to submit any info back to Brad since nobody wants to be responsible for someone getting infected or even work under the current outbreak situation and potentially, end up giving their lives for it just so we could see the adventures of an SG team on-screen. To risk everybody's safety and well-being because of making a goup of main 4-5 fictional characters using a space portal just isn't worth it.
    Legends of Tomorrow, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Leverage 2.0, Ryan Reynolds new work, David Hewlett new work, Claire Rankin's auditioning (albeit through video-calls)... They're all either back at work, or gearing up to do so. They all have to get tested or be quarantined for 10 to 14 days before getting on set.

    Believe me, corona ain't stopping anyone from going back to work right now.

    Robert Pattinson's Batman had a small hick-up after his positive test but right back on "track" after his 2-week quarantine.
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    Default Re: MGM Open To More Stargate Depending on Success of Stargate Origins and SGC

    Quote Originally Posted by Falcon Horus View Post
    Believe me, corona ain't stopping anyone from going back to work right now.
    It's stopping plenty of people. Some studios have decided to resume shooting, others have not, and while governments at the local and national level may allow productions to resume if certain guidelines are met, others don't. Securing insurance is another major obstacle that's preventing many productions from going forward.

    The U.K. published guidelines allowing production to resume at the end of May, and they established an insurance fund at the end of July for the TV and film industry, enabling productions that run into COVID relayed expenses (like having to shut down because their star gets sick) to claim compensation. As a consequence, a number of productions were able to restart or move there, but there are still plenty of U.K. productions that have not.

    Other countries throughout Europe have also been reopening their film industries, and some American productions have been moving to Canada from the United States, but they've been doing so because of difficulties reopening in places like Los Angeles and New York. Productions that can't relocate are out of luck at the moment, and securing insurance in Canada is rather difficult. Productions that began filming before the pandemic already had insurance and because of that they can resume if they want to as long as they adhere to certain safety guidelines. Securing funding for new productions is very difficult. Some large production companies are able to use in-house insurance policies to support big budget projects, and Quebec has a public fund to support the film industry, but only so many productions can take advantage of it at a time. Only when one production ends do the funds become available for another production to take advantage of.

    A lot of smaller productions throughout Canada (and in a lot of other parts of the world) that want to start filming now cannot get the insurance they need because insurance companies are writing COVID exceptions into their policies that make it impossible to get insurance to cover COVID related expenses. There's been debate about starting government-backed insurance for the film industry like the ones that exist in the U.K., France, etc., but I've seen nothing to indicate that there's been any progress toward that end in the last few weeks.

    Consequently, the Canadian film industry continues to be in a lot of pain, with a lot of smaller Canadian studios expected to go bankrupt if they can't restart before 2021, and with a lot of people out of work because so many new productions cannot go forward right now.

    Don't let a few high profile, big budget projects and assorted others that are benefiting from a particular fund in a certain location, had insurance already because they started filming before the pandemic, etc., fool you; there are serious obstacles preventing a lot of people in the film industry from working right now.

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