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    Default Viewing SG-1/SGA.Help needed!

    Y Hullo Thar!

    As I love sci-fi, well, good sci-fi, like good fantasy, that 5% that is utterly awesome, especially when compared to the other 95% (I know you know what I mean) I decided to binge watch Stargate SG-1; despite the fact that it is heavily episodic. After a slow start I persevered and have to admit that by season 6 I had started to be heavily rewarded for my continued watching (I wouldn't say the beginning of SG-1 is as rough as some people say, but the episodic format made for a difficult binge).

    Anyway, season 6 was by far my favourite so far. I know, I know, Jonas, but I really liked Jonas. It was a few episodes into season 6 that I realised just how good the show had gotten. I was kind of bummed when Daniel and his strange face pulling came back but what can you do.

    So, as you can imagine, I was looking forward to having Atlantis to add to the whole situation and have been paying attention to the proper viewing order. The thing is, I'm struggling quite a bit with Atlantis, and, tbqh, I'm also struggling with where SG-1 has gone. Farscape basically being imported really didn't work for me.

    I just wanted to know if Atlantis picks up, and if SG-1 manages to get it's act back together. I am currently only on s2e17 for Atlantis, and s9e12 for SG-1- having followed a more specific viewing schedule found here:
    so no spoilers please, that would be really mean. Could I possibly watch SG-1 on its own and stop watching Atlantis over-all? The only main character I like is Rodney, and Ford since he has gone rouge (one of the few truly good story lines in Atlantis so far).

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    Default Re: Viewing SG-1/SGA.Help needed!

    yea you could watch each on it's own. There's some referencing back and forth but it's not huge.

    As to "pick up" or "get it's act back together", that's subjective. SG1 and SGA both changed over the years. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. I'd advise just watching a few more episodes, but if it stops being to your taste then just quit it. No need to waste time on stuff you don't like.

    I personally enjoy various seasons and shows for different reasons, and over time those reasons change.

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    Default Re: Viewing SG-1/SGA.Help needed!

    I think this perfectly illustrates the problem of binge-watching -- everything all at once just doesn't give you the time to process everything properly.
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    Default Re: Viewing SG-1/SGA.Help needed!

    You definitely can finish sg-1 and still know whats going on without seeing SGA. And since you've seen it, you'll get references to it. There is an episode in season 10 of sg-1 that deals more with it(I really can't say much as it will spoil it). But I think you should be okay.

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    Default Re: Viewing SG-1/SGA.Help needed!

    Thanks guys. In the end Atlantis suckered me in, tbqh I think a large part of it was initially due to Vala being added to SG-1. I rapidly started to prefer when I switched over to Atlantis. It did end up getting me, though. I have the last 8 episodes for my viewing tonight. I'm actually really looking forward to it...

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    Default Re: Viewing SG-1/SGA.Help needed!

    I think both SG1 and Star Gate Atlantis are excellent, SGA gets much better as it goes keep up with it you won't regret it.

    We own every series and movie in the SG franchise. The kids and I have watched all the way through SG1 about 9 times and we have watched through SGA about 6 times together, I have watched it on my own another 5 or 6 times. We have managed to watch through SGU once and no one has ever been interested in going back to that one.

    You mentioned Farscape, that was somewhat interesting the first season or two but went downhill fast after that.

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