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    TV How is Amunet not already an inmate in Iron Hights is beyond me...

    In an upcoming Flash episode she is mentioned trying to buy the metas of Iron Hights.
    I mean she is such a weak meta compared to others. How is that she still gets her way? Plot. A stupid one of that mind you.
    If I were the one with powers like Killer Frost I would have disposed her a long time ago. We all know Barry and Cisco are too good and lighthearted to do that. There is also Gypsy and his dad Breacher who have no problems with dealing lowlifes the way they should've been dealt with all this time.
    Also she is not Amonet from Stargate with Apophis and a couple of Ha'taks on her side.
    She is not like a Magneto level mutant. She is like a toddler compared to "The Dark Master of Metal".
    Why we are forced to watch her instead of furthering the plot of Devo the Thinker. We still know nothing of his plans and we are already past half the episodes and more with those two new ones (one of which is almost solely about Amonet). I mean I consider it bad show writing when they intentionally leave the unfolding of the whole story to the last two or three episodes instead of slowly unfolding it piece by piece with a bit of mislead here and there. To keep us guessing which road the villain will take. With this show writing we have no roads for our villains to consider. There are just these small stories and plots with barely any meaningful connection to the main plot. Fillers. Then bang, all is thrown together in a mixer in the last two episodes with sometimes severe lack of imagination (see the end of season two and the last minute "Big Plan" of Zoom). I mean they literally had no idea what to do with the guy beyond him showing up every now and then to utter his "threats" to whomever may listen or care. After the mask was off the chap things got even worse, completely f*ing up his origin story and turning him into a hapless psychopath who got lucky during his execution. The son of a moron who killed his wife in front of their child. I was left speechless...

    Anyhow, we get a bit derailed from where I started this thread. I just wanted to point out how this is not the story we supposed to get from an allegedly superb duo of writers. Instead we deal with this train wrecks they call episodes. I bet that the actress who plays Amunet is the relative of somebody important, up in the food chain. It's the same with the Black Canary on Arrow. The actress who plays Laurel is somebody's "important" relative who got the role despite her ****ty acting or the lack of any acting at all. I was visibly in pain whenever she was on screen and she made the episode she was in so cheesy I thought I was in (Villa) Holland. Thank God I decided to forever cut Arrow from my watch list.

    My sentence: Throw her trough the Chapa'ai to P3W-451(The planet in the solar system of a "newly" formed black hole).
    Hallowed are the Ori.

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    Default Re: How is Amunet not already an inmate in Iron Hights is beyond me...

    Yeah...she is a bit much for me, and you're right. She should've already been taken care of by now.

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    Default Re: How is Amunet not already an inmate in Iron Hights is beyond me...

    Isn't she in league with that prison warden? He's most likely keeping her out of harms way as far as the law enforcement are concerned.

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