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    Hey y'all, I recently tried offloading a Toyko Marui P90 with and integrated red dot upper receiver on an airsoft forum. I met with no luck over there, but someone suggested I give here a shot.

    I apologize for the potato photo quality, it's the only one I have for the moment.
    If anybody is interested in this please let me know. If you are interested in the airsoft build specs I can provide those as well. Feel free to shoot me offers and or questions.

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    Default Re: P90 Replica

    Your photo is not showing in your post.

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    I already own one full replica build, a second replica and a third which I use as extra for people to pose with. However, since thread levels cause of terrorism, it's near impossible to be allowed to carry life-like replica weapons at conventions (or even to get them there without issue) so I have literally no use for a 4th replica.

    If I could still carry it around, without having to worry of it getting confiscated by security, I might have been interested.

    Hope you find a good home for it. If anyone is interested, I can guarantee Tokyo's are fine quality.
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