Hi there everyone,
I've been wondering how in the hell is S.T.A.R Labs still able to be operating after the events of the season 1 finale A.K.A creating a Black Hole that nearly destroyed Central City.
Shouldn't the combined might of city/county/state and federal governments declare S.T.A.R Labs a national security threat and a clear and present danger to the populous of Central City and the state in resides in?? I figured the Feds would seize S.T.A.R Labs have the particle accelerator forcibly decommissioned by the Army Core of Engineers and have the remaining employees up in front of congress or the senate for hearings into the danger that S.T.A.R Labs is?? And during and after this said employee's like Cisco and Caitlin be placed on a government watchlist probably one overseen by A.R.G.U.S.
It bugged the hell out of me that they nearly destroyed a city and didn't face the wrath of the government in response.

What are your thoughts on this matter.