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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON EIGHT
    As Daryl leads an attack to break through the Sanctuary's defenses, inside the compound Eugene reconsiders what sort of man he is and who he will side with. Elsewhere, Rick deals with the treachery of a former ally.

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    No idea why Rick keeps trusting the garbage patch kids, she tried to feed him to Winston Mk 2 then tried multiple times to shoot him in the face, after all that she still says no, then suddenly flips and changes her mind, I think I'd have just said go **** yourself we don't want this kind of help and left.

    So I guess next week Rick acquires his walking stick?

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    The issue I presume is that he knows he needs the extra manpower, now that the Kingdom was wiped out.

    But yes - I think shooting her in the head would have been fairly prudent!

    I'm done with Eugene... I'd really hoped he would "come back", but he's had ample opportunities, and whilst his character has been "fun" so far, I don't want to see him return to join Rick's gang...

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