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Nicknames, that's a good idea. I tend to think of these people as their formal names because that's the only way they're ever written, but you're right - day to day, these people probably have a working shorthand. Jon instead of Jonathan, Bill instead of William, that sort of thing.

(Assuming, of course, that the 'source' is accurate in the first place!)
and often times, in shows as anticipated as this, they do not put the correct character name or even any name up until much closer to the release date

but yes i agree, to your point, did everyone go around using their full multi syllable name? its a natural thing to refer to shorthand even in a person's name

still getting frustrated with all of these self appointed, fandom menace youtubers still making videos based on their ignorance of Tolkien's works and making claims that it is a remake of LOTR's.

i mean, do a google search and see just what and when '2nd age of middle earth' means

but no, they are in such a rush to pump out more 'expert videos' to their fans, they neglect stuff like facts from the source material

a video i saw today had the guy saying he thinks the actress named may be playing a Hobbit! because, you know, Tyra sounds like a Hobbit name!

Correct me if I am wrong, but Hobbits were not even in the Shire in the 2nd age were they? Weren't they still along the northern Anduin somewhere at the beginning of the third age?

THEY NEED TO change the name of this show as soon as possible, the balance of using lotrsonprime from being beneficial in the buzz generation, is turning negative by both these fandom menace types and people like me getting frustrated that using that name is very imprecise and just lazy

but- just want would be a better name that people other than tolkien fans would be attracted to?