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    Default The King, the Widow, and Rick (806)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON EIGHT
    Rick attempts to forge a new alliance with an adversary, while Daryl and Tara make plans of their own for the Sanctuary. Maggie weighs what to do with Jesus' prisoners, and Carol faces a disheartened Ezekiel. And as Michonne and Rosita set out on a road trip, Carl approaches a lone survivor in the woods.

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    Default Re: The King, the Widow, and Rick (806)

    Maggie, Maggie, Maggie - what would your father say?

    She's become a real bad-ass... Actually thought she was going to execute Gregory!

    I see a new character in the making with the prisoner who talked to Jesus, and stopped that idiot Savior from trying to free himself...

    Not an amazing episode, but the thing is, as I see it - we're not watching The A Team, where each week is an action packed (formulaic) adventure. I have no qualms sitting through Carol and Ezekial's little bit of therapy... knowing what happened to those characters in the past. It's actually something that people used to ***** about -

    EG Doctor Who; main character Adric dies. Basically the next episode spends 1 minute talking about it, then moves on. Some fans (not those partying) cried foul - Ohhhh Poor Adric! Why aren't you showing the Doctor wearing all black... So - now we get to enjoy that on our telly shows...
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    Default Re: The King, the Widow, and Rick (806)

    I gotta hand it to Carl about approaching a stranger in a time of war. It's risky, but as I paraphrase Chidi from The Good Place, what good are principles if you pick and choose when to follow them.

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