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    Default Stargate SG-1 100th episode commemorative dvd

    Good people of the stargate community,

    I recently came into possesion of the commemorative 100th episode dvd.

    It seems it was give out by mgm to the cast and crew from what I could tell, but thats about all the information I have on it.

    I was hoping someone here know's more about it, things like rarity etc, as I am neither a dvd collector or a stargate collector.

    It was a random find in a lot of games that I bought online, and it has me wondering ever since.

    I live in a small city in the Netherlands, and the dvd came from there aswell...I doubt it should be here.

    I would gladly add pictures of it...but I have no idea How on this forum format help there would be welkome aswell.

    I hope anyone here knows anything about it, and would be willing to help me out.

    With Kind Regards.

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    Default Re: Stargate SG-1 100th episode commemorative dvd

    Seeing as I dont have any use for it, because I am neither a stargate nor a dvd collector.

    Its on ebay for now, about 15+ hours left on the auction, so if anyone is interested, here is the chance.

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