I recently started watching Farscape. Despite not really liking shows that are very episodic (i.e. a different drama each week with a mostly generalised backdrop)I fell for Farscape big style in season 1. Season 2 was great too, the inventiveness of different worlds and species, and the story lines that were creative but still have an internal coherence were great. The best thing for me being the twists, which I am not embarrassed to admit that quite often I did not see coming.

Thing is, now that season 3 seems to be mostly about moving along the main story line, with episodes that are mostly action/drama with no real twists, I have found myself feeling very disappointed and let down. Some of it is indeed interesting, but I don't find it works. I was just wondering if the show manages to get back to what I would say was its best, or if the writers have tapped the well completely when it comes to invention and it continues in the same vein?