Default Kardashev scale
I've decided to use the old fashioned Kardashev scale for my future world RPG civilization which I keep picking up and putting down. Last one: I promise

Type I Civilization: Using all the power that comes from the sun that hits the Earth

Type II Civilization: Using the entire planets star for power.

Type III Civilization: Using the entire home galaxy for power. Example being Star Wars

Type IV Civilization: This is not an official level but I extrapolated based on orders of magnitude. This would be using multiple galaxies for power

Type V Civilization: Also not official but it would be the mind boggling control of the entire universe.

Type VI Civilization: Basically God level. Control over every universe ( if their is more than one universe)

What I'm asking is for each level, can you help me think of 10 inventions. I already have 110 technologies that I've gotten from my various threads but I'm always constantly looking for more. Be as creative as possible. I'm looking for out of the box, different ideas that I can add to my master list. 10 for each, except the last one. That one is pretty hard and 5 seems to be a fair number