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    Default Re: Will Mass Effect Andromeda get any DLC?

    The phrase is: there's no second first impression. It's something that's been said by movie and video game reviewers. But while the animations are certainly the most obvious complaint, there are a lot of things that can't be patched.

    The plot is full of things that don't make sense (seriously, have they never heard of attempted murder) to deus ex machinas. The dialogue is often janky and just plain awkward. The characters range from Kaiden/Jacob bland to insufferably annoying. I've restarted my game multiple times because a mob of NPC's would spawn in late and trap me in them or between them. I've fallen through the floor so many times that they might as well make phase-shifting an ability. The dialogue wheel without black and white renegade and paragon is a good idea, but they didn't implement it very well. With the paragon and renegade dialogue, you can behave and react radically different. For this, you still say the same thing. You just can either say is more seriously or jokingly.

    Yong Yea does a good job discussing the issue with the dialogue and xLetalis does a good job discussing issues in the ending.

    One more thing I want to add is: in terms of raw number, the game sold well. But, it sold below expected projections, which is the most important number.
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    Default Re: Will Mass Effect Andromeda get any DLC?

    Hey it's good to see people discussing games from my two favorite franchises. It saddens me that ME:A will not be getting any SP DLC. I think that is a mistake. What bothers me is Bioware seems to only react to the negative reviews and not to the positive. I don't honestly think they have ever truly recovered from the ME 3 ending debacle. And there were some fans willing to put that whole mess to the side to give ME:A an honest chance...and I think once again the fans were sorely disappointed. But with the loyal fans it's a love/hate type thing. While those fans will voice their honest displeasure and disappointment with the game they are still willing to play the game and continue on with the franchise to see where it takes them. So Bioware instead of staying loyal to their true fans and staying positive they react poorly to negative criticism and more or less "throw the baby out with the bath water". I think they tend to over react to fan criticism and shut down rather than look at it as an opportunity to make their product better. It's like they become defensive and can't seem to understand why fans are not liking their product and they almost act like a 6 year old and stomp off mad to go home taking their toys with them. If Bioware/EA would take the lead on how CD Projekt Red treats their fans, maybe what they do and how they market and present their games would be better received by fans.

    Here is a good story on the break down of what happened during that 5 year production period of Mass Effect Andromeda.

    I do think it was complicated and a mixture of alot of things that caused it's problematic launch. But rather than try to hang in there and finish their story (which to me ME:A seems unfinished) and alot of their early launch advertising hinted at DLC....they decide to just give up? That is really again an ultimate punishment and sort of betrayal to their loyal fans. It quite frankly pisses me off!
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    Default Re: Will Mass Effect Andromeda get any DLC?

    I have to disagree. If they would use money on a DLC and only a few poeple would buy it, they would make losses. I do assume however this is more a EA's than BioWare's dong but I would not say it is a betrayal of fans because it was never said there will be a DLC for sure.
    What you make of the things they say or show is your buisness, and though I am also not that happy with how the game is left to be, their descioion to not make a DLC is right from their point of view, anything else would be a risk of losing money

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