Have you ever thought 'man, I wish they'd do a _________ theme?'. Well, now is your chance to see that happen. We welcome anyone that would like to submit a theme for a weekend.

For those that don't know, the forum follows a Stargate Theme, in honor of the show that inspired this site. And the mods used to come up with monthly themes to have fun with other shows. However, due to real life, it sometimes gets hard to come up with themes. And as I know some have noticed, we haven't done them lately. But if you'd like to change that - and have a tiny bit of forum fame - now is your chance.

We are opening the forum up to suggested/submitted themes.

A few guidelines:

The more we'll known a show is the more fun it is.
That said, we try not to do a theme too often, so a good guide is once a year for a show.
Keep the titles and rep comments as non-offensive as possible. While we can't control everyone's feelings, rep comments should probably not be something like 'user sucks swamp water'
We try for gender neutral when we can....for an example of a rep comment, user rocks the boat, not user rocks her boat

Keep it PG.

Beyond that, I'm posting the template of the current theme, which is what I use when I make up new one. Anyone that wishes to submit a theme, please cut/paste the template, fill it in with your new ideas and PM it to me or Baggie. We do reserve the right to edit your theme....maybe tweak the phrasings or fix spellings. And we may not use a theme if we do not feel that it is appropriate. Or we may delay in using a theme. For example if a Star Wars theme is submitted now it may not be used until the new movie comes out this winter.

But I know that several forum members have expressed interest in submitting themes over the years. So now's your chance.

Here's the blank template.

Titles should be relatively short.

Airman –
Staff Sergeant -
Chief Master Sergeant –
Second Lieutenant –
First Lieutenant –
Captain –
Major –
Lieutenant Colonel -
Colonel –
Brigadier General –
Major General -
Lieutenant General –
General –
Air Force Chief of Staff –

Rep comments can be longer but you dont want to get them too long. And as you read below each comment starts with a user name.

is an up-and-coming Trainee –
is being considered to join the Stargate Program. –
just got transferred to Stargate Command. -
is a back-up SG-team member –
is a permanent member of an SG-team –
is a popular officer at Stargate Command. -
has their pick of any assignment at the S.G.C. –
is an SG-team leader! -
is Commander of SG-1! –
is in charge at Stargate Command! –
is top brass at Homeworld Security. –
has a Daedalus-Class battle cruiser named after them. –
has ascended to a higher plane of existence. So long, mortals! -
is a server in the Ascended Diner –
is a Host/Hostess in the Ascended Diner -
is Head Chef at the Ascended Diner –
is the Manager of the Ascended Diner –
uses Ascended Beings as icing on their cake –

Good luck and we look forward to seeing what folks come up with.