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    Default Looking for the season 2 Stargate

    Hi all,

    Happy to report I've got a 10yr old daughter who's nuts over Stargate Atlantis. We skipped SG-1, but will be going back and watching that soon.

    She working on buying the Diamond Select figures so she can build her Stargate (I believe it was just Season 2 figures required....but I could be wrong).

    Noticed the pricing on Season 2 figures gets a bit stiff. Is anyone out there willing to part with just the Stargate itself? Np if not....we'll eventually acquire the figures. Just wanted to throw this out in case someone is over the SGA stuff and was looking to part out with the Stargate.


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    Default Re: Looking for the season 2 Stargate

    Check used toy stores and stuff, comic book stores that deal in used figures is good as well. A few years ago I saw a complete SG-1 gate, ramp included, with DHD for about $50, sold before I could get the money together though. I've randomly seen figures there since then and even bought a few.

    Hope this Helps!

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