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    Default Re: MGM Announces New Original Series "Stargate Origins"

    Quote Originally Posted by nivao View Post
    Okay, why is there a BTS screenshot of a DHD? That's the one thing perhaps that wasn't left ambiguous in canon, the DHD was found before the Stargate was, by a German archaeologist, and was brought to Germany. So now the Nazis have brought it back to Egypt, or it never left yet? Kind of strange considering the Russians took it from Berlin in 1945. This was explained clear as day in 1969 by Daniel, and in the pilot by Carter ("This is what was missing from the dig at Giza"). If the Nazis were defeated by Catherine or who- or whatever, and the Stargate was secured to be brought to America, then how does the DHD end up in Berlin and not in America? The story would take place in less than a year, because it takes place in 1939, the same year the gate was shipped to America aboard the Achylles (without the DHD), so things would happen quite fast (considering WW2 didn't reach Egypt for at least two years).
    Who says that pic is of the Earth's DHD?

    I can see the Germans bringing the DHD back to Egypt, especially if there was a breakthrough anticipated.
    And they may have deemed it safer to experiment in there instead of Germany. Besides, Langford's lab had been setup and running for 10yrs at this pointe Heck, maybe Langford invited them when he found out about their DHD. Bringing it back? I'd guess the Germans were in a rush to leave and could only take the DHD.
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