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    Post The Wolf You Feed (307)

    Visit the Episode GuideKILLJOYS - SEASON THREE
    Dutch takes on a risky plan to learn more about Aneela and her past by engrafting Aneela's excised memories into her own brain. With their leader missing in action D'av and Johnny must convince their allies not to lose confidence in the larger plan.

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    So we finally know what the connection between Aneela and Yalena (Dutch) is. They're sort of the same person. Something between a clone and the same character from a separate parallel universe, basically. That explains a lot. Again the show delivers information that colors past episodes and gives them more of an undestandable flow (as far as I can tell with my ****ty memory, that is).
    I'm disappointed in Turin's actions, but frankly, they're in character for him.
    And where I don't fully grasp Dutch's refusal to lead the army against the Hullen, I expect it to make sense/pay off later on as well. In the meantime, in D'Avin we trust!

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