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    Post A Skinner, Darkly (302)

    Visit the Episode GuideKILLJOYS - SEASON THREE
    With Johnny on walkabout Dutch and D'avin recruit a new group of nerds to help with field work, but wind up trapped inside a factory with all of their lives on the line. John infiltrates a surgical spa where wealthy clients can put on another person's skin, leading him to a discovery about Clara's fate.

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    Default Re: A Skinner, Darkly (302)

    Well I liked this one as well. Only troublesome issue is the "turnover" of characters. We just might have the three new brainiacs to follow, while a buch of hackmods are out there, Kendry is with Aneela, I hope we get to see Pree, Alvis and Fancy Lee...
    I get it we need an army, but this ensemble cast is gonna be bloody hard to do justice in the very tight 10-episode season.

    Oh, and turns out the very believable hackmods weren't CGI (at least a good number of them). Good job on that for both the actors and the production.

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