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    Default Season 10 Episode 6 (Remember When)

    I Am sorry if this is not posted in the correct area. This is the first time ive used Gateworld.
    But its killing me I was wondering Who's Birthday do they go offworld to celebrate
    (spoiler if you havent wathed the ep yet) General Landry leans over to master seargent Walter Harriman and asks about the party favors and cake. I was wondering was that a joke or were they really going to celebrate mitchells or oneills birthday or perhaps some other occasion. hopefully a stargate addict can tell me. By the way this is one of my all time favorite shows and i happened to be rewatching it and realized i didnt understand this particular part again Season 10 EPisode 6 (Remember When)

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    Default Re: Season 10 Episode 6 (Remember When)

    Well, for what it is worth my answer would be:-
    Season 10 Episode 6 (200). All through the episode it is hammered into us & the cast that it is Ben Browder's 200th time going through the gate, so I would say wherever they are going or not going when they finally get the gate up and running, it is to have a surprise party (with cake and streamers) to celebrate Ben's 200 occasion of stepping through the gate. After all he has taken over from RDA as the team leader.

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