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    Wink Stargate Civilization "Combat Power" Evaluation

    Hi, all. Recently I rewatched some Stargate SG-1 episodes.
    There was an old idea flashing into my mind. That is comparison between the power of civilizations.
    The calculating rule is simple. It uses "year" to show how powerful a civilization is. For example: the earth humans before finding stargates have 2K-year history, then define humans have 2K "Combat Power."
    The evaluation only counts any best single thing a civilization possesses. That is, it only focuses quality.
    (For example: A civilization like Asgard has ability to make Prometheus. Count it 1.
    Humans have Prometheus but hard to make it, then still count it 0.5, half of Asgard.)

    There's a kind of special classification called "God level" and half-God level (abbr: G and HG)
    Normal reality level has no chance to beat a higher level, no matter how much the value is.

    God level
    The Ancients: 100G
    Ori: 10~80G (Adria: 90G)

    Half-God level

    Normal reality level
    Ascending Ancients' ship (if there was): 300M
    The Ancients (before ascending): 70M
    Replicators: 45M
    Asgard(S5E22~S10 end): 30M~40M
    Ori's ship: 35M
    Earth humans(Season 5~ Season 10 end): 100k~35M
    Goa'uld ship enhanced by Anubis: 20M
    Asgard(before S4): 10M
    Nox: 7M (14M if they wanna dev weaponry)
    Wraith: 2M
    Tok'ra: 400K
    Aschen: 100K
    Earth humans (before acquiring tech from aliens): 2K

    Some special cases:
    Merlin's weapon should be treated that it exists on a higher plane but Merlin makes it able to exist on our dimension. Thus, it is a God level weapon.

    Well, if you want me to estimate other civilizations or anything, just tell me.
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