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    Arrow1 Babylon 5 Civlization IV Space Mod

    Has anyone here played the Babylon 5 total conversion space mod for Civilization 4? I decided to give it a go a month ago and have been COMPLETELY addicted since lol! Was so blown away I made the 2 part video below for people who may not know about it. For a turn based strategy gamer like me who’s always wanted to play a sandbox game as the Earth alliance colonising planets and conquering the galaxy with Hyperions, Omegas & Warlocks it’s just a dream come true!! The creator has plans to add huge battle scenarios (separate to the sandbox game much like the Star Trek Civ 4 mod), and he wants to have playable shadows & Vorlons too. Unfortunately he’s the only one left working on the project now and he has limited C++ coding/graphics skills so progress is slow. Hopefully he doesn't abandon it!

    Mod located here:

    Part 1

    Part 2

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    grrr photobucket turned off external image usage and asked its members to upgrade for $400 to turn it back on. Wasn't that nice them lol. Can't seem to edit my original post to fix the thumbnails either so I'll just stick them here lol..

    Part 1

    Part 2

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    Looks cool. I might check it out.
    I like Sharky

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    Yeah I finally finished my game the other day and must say that while the mod may not be perfect it's pretty bloody good. The fact that you can enjoy a Babylon 5 game that doesn't have Babylon 5 in it just shows how large, rich and amazing JMS's B5 universe really is. To be able to play a turn based sandbox galaxy conquest game in the Babylon 5 universe was just a dream come true! I was completely and utterly addicted for like 2 months there lol.

    The developer hasn't been getting any help (I have no programming or artist skills so I can't help him either) and it sounds like he's had enough of working on it alone so this may be it for this B5 mod sadly.

    The 2 previous videos ended up being quite popular on Youtube so I decided to do a special part 3 bonus episode showing some of the cool end game techs and ships in battle (Omegas, Warlocks, Drakh, Shadows, Whitestars & ISA Victory etc). Gave a few final thoughts on the mod too.

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    Forgot to post here some of the screenshots I took from my big game. Just looking at them now years later makes me want to go play the mod again but it's too much of an addictive time suck haha.

    Hyperion Cruiser Blasting Raiders

    System View (Each Planet Has Its Own Build List)

    ISA Victory Stopping a Drakh Attack

    B5 Technologies (Planet Killers!)

    Galactic View (my Earth Alliance is expanding in all directions! )

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