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    Default Re: THE ORVILLE: News/Trailers/Discussion/SPOILERS

    I think they may start an Orville section soon so we can have a thread to track Trek references, whether it be a game or just informational. We could also track them in the individual episode threads.
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    Default Re: THE ORVILLE: News/Trailers/Discussion/SPOILERS

    Woohoo, we got Richard Woolsey, alias the Doctor, alias Dr. Zimmerman last episode!
    Also, if that wasn't a prime example of an essentially Star Trek episode, then those Star Trek series I've watched must have been frauds.

    Also, "I've crushed an alligator in the cargo bay."

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    Default Re: THE ORVILLE: News/Trailers/Discussion/SPOILERS

    This show is a stroke of genius.

    A lot of Trek fans like myself balk at subscribing to a service an d buying a gadget to plug into the TV (Yes, I know, I can stream on computer and show on TV via HDMI. But it's a P.I.T.A.) I understand their need to pay the bills. So put it on Netflix, Amazon Prime or something; a payed streaming service. I have other objections to that marketing type as well, but I digress.

    From what I've read, it's not all that good anyway. I'll wait till it's available via convenient distribution.

    So there is this frustration over real "Trek", and into that void steps The Orville, which is more Trek than Trek itself is.

    The idea to do that, and more importantly the planning to have it on the air at the same time says a lot about MacFarlane.
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    Default Re: THE ORVILLE: News/Trailers/Discussion/SPOILERS

    I actually found myself laughing a bit in these last two episodes. I think subtle comedy and comedy that deals with timing is what works best for this show. I am really liking it. I certainly am looking forward to the next season even before this one is finished.

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