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    Default Sanctuary blanket

    Iím giving away the Sanctuary blanket I won at one of Sanctuary for Kidsís online auctions.
    To give everyone a chance to win it, Iím not doing an auction but a raffle.

    Item description:
    Sanctuary Throw. This plush blanket was made by producer George Horie when arranging crew gifts for Season 3 of Sanctuary. Grey plush on one side, black ultra suede on the other side with Sanctuary emblazoned in one corner. Measures 50 inches x 63 inches.

    One raffle ticket is $30 (CAD)
    4 raffle tickets per person, maximum
    Donate directly on Sanctuary for Kidsís website (
    Forward the paypal confirmation to [email protected]
    Shipping is included
    Deadline: 4th of June
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