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    Post Oxygen (3605 / 1005)

    Visit the Episode GuideDOCTOR WHO - SEASON 36 (10)
    EPISODE NUMBER - 3605 (1005)
    When the Doctor and his companions answer a deep-space distress call they find themselves trapped on a space station where oxygen is sold by the breath. And their discovery that most of the crew is dead is complicated when the murdered scientists begin walking again.

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    Default Re: Oxygen (3605 / 1005)

    Now he has done it, also no need to get so dramatic. A new body will have that right fixed.
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    Default Re: Oxygen (3605 / 1005)

    Or maybe he'll just regenerate his eyes ...

    I liked this one. "Space, the final frontier ..."

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    So.. is it me, or does this season have a "drones" theme?

    The Pilot was working on autopilot carrying out the "orders" from Heather's most recent memories. I realise there was only one of them, but it was a small part of the ship, so there could have been a lot more of them before Bill and Heather found the last (maybe) one in a puddle, the robots in Smile were following their programming, the angler fish were working as a hive to hunt people for the really big fish. The bugs worked together in a swarm.

    The suits were programmed to prioritise the oxygen and the station above the biological components, which sounded like something the Cybermen would say. I expected head office to be under Cyberman control, but we didn't see it.

    But still, they were autonomous, working as a collective, following orders.

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    Default Re: Oxygen (3605 / 1005)

    When the zombie people walked in tandem it reminded me of the Cybermen, too!

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    Default Re: Oxygen (3605 / 1005)

    I kept thinking to myself during this story...

    a) Moffat's trying to out-do his own previous walking spacesuits... But no - it's not Moffat's story... (wonder if he had a hand in it though.)
    b) I'm quite enjoying this... but... I've seen the trailer... It's going to HAVE to have a reset button...
    c) I'm quite enjoying this...
    d) Ahh, reset pushed, but - Doctor blind. Interesting.
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