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    Post Knock Knock (3604 / 1004)

    Visit the Episode GuideDOCTOR WHO - SEASON 36 (10)
    EPISODE NUMBER - 3604 (1004)
    Bill moves into a creaky old house with a group of new roommates and a rent too good to be true. And when the Doctor shows up to help her move in, they find that the landlord is hiding a disturbing secret inside the house's walls.

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    Default Re: Knock Knock (3604 / 1004)

    Ooh, this one was great. Very creepy. But it was fun to see David Suchet as someone other than Poirot.

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    Default Re: Knock Knock (3604 / 1004)

    Why did Bill suddenly need to move into student housing?

    Was it just for the "authentic student experience" of being poor and getting into debt? She worked at the university, so she lived close enough to travel there every day.

    She even commented that it was so hard to find somewhere because they had no money.

    Other than that, I liked it

    I like this season's return to simple stories. It's not tripping itself up trying to be extra clever, and bigger than the previous week.

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    Default Re: Knock Knock (3604 / 1004)

    I think her stepmother left or something.
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    Default Re: Knock Knock (3604 / 1004)

    I thought that actor was familiar! Poirot! He was very creepy in this episode.

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    Default Re: Knock Knock (3604 / 1004)

    *LOL* I figured that the actor must have "been someone"... would have never guessed though.

    Failing to enthrall me... Twist at the end was all very "Ghostlight"...
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