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    Post Aruba (217)

    After suffering defeat at the hands of the Legion of Doom the reunited Legends must break a cardinal rule of time travel, returning to 1916 to try and stop their former selves from losing the Spear of Destiny in the first place.

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    Oh man, Micks reaction to Ray seeing him get killed and an army of Reverse Flashes...

    Oops, the Legends broke time...

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    Damn, Sara is the worst sister ever. Changing history is cool when you want to bang the Queen of France for no reason, but saving family from an unnecessary pointless death? That would be wrong.

    I love how even the surviving Legion members gave her too much credit by asking if she put a mass murdering Malcolm in prison where he belongs and she proudly said no, like a toddler oblivious to the notion of right and wrong.

    I suppose it is a fitting ending that the most incompetent time police ever broke the universe when trying to save it.

    It was fun having Thawne back for a while, but I suppose it was a mercy killing at this point. Only continued exposure to the stupidity of the Legends of Tomorrow world could have explained how he was stupid enough not to stop Sara from activating the Spear even though he had an army of himself.
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    What a bunch of droll.. This was the 'mass ending".. IMO a toddler could have wrote a better ending.

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    I was confused until that guy on Youtube explained it all, especially going through how Thawne existed, and pretty much saying everything was Barry Allen's fault.

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