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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE EXPANSE - SEASON TWO
    In the wake of the catastrophe on Ganymede a surviving botanist finds himself on a refugee ship, with little hope that his daughter survived the attack. Fred Johnson loses his tenuous control of the OPA as Dawes' followers stage a hostile takeover of Tycho Station, and Naomi discovers signs of more protomolecule.

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    Not my favorite episode, but I enjoyed it well enough. It was really messed up that that refugee ship spaced all those people from the inner planets. I felt bad for Prax, he was saying goodbye to his friend smiling and then he saw her get spaced. I really liked the scenes with Naomi and Drummer. I'm starting to really like Drummer. I kind of liked that she killed those guys on her way to medical. I wonder if/when Naomi will tell Holden that she didn't destroy the protomolecule that they hid and if/when the truth comes out, how will that affect their relationship?

    I kind of missed Avasarala and Bobbie during this ep.

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    I'm not sure I quite enjoy the state of flux the series is currently in. Everything and yet nothing is happening at once. We basically keep meeting and exploring new characters those last few episodes. And I just don't have a clue where anything is leading.

    And me too, I enjoy Drummer a lot. That's why I was quite sure she was gonna die. A pleasant surprise she didn't. Now she'll be even more pissed and angry than before.

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