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    Post We Will Rise (406)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE 100 - SEASON FOUR
    Clarke and Roan must work together in hostile territory in order to deliver an invaluable asset to Abby and her team. (The CW)

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    Loved Kane during this ep, I really liked the goodbye between him and Clarke. I loved the banter between Raven and Murphy while she was running the simulation. Murphy trying to speak grounder was also pretty funny. I liked how Luna stopped Raven from beating Murphy up, and I loved her talk with him later on. I think Luna needs to counsel Octavia and Bellamy lol.

    I liked how they handled Abby not being in the episode, they had Murphy keep asking if he should get Abby for Raven and then towards the end, when Raven had the seizure, actually calling out for her and start to go get her just as the credits came up.

    I thought Octavia might be better after nearly dying, but nope, she seems even more hopeless, bloodthirsty, and hateful towards Bellamy. I really liked how she remembered Lincoln when she was about to shoot Illian though, and how she ran off. I also liked how Jaha came around and ended up helping Kane protect/free Illian.

    I'm glad Clarke asked Niylah to stay, I hope she doesn't die this season. I loved the scene where Monty explains the situation with the hydrazine and Roan was like "What could go wrong?" in a sarcastic way, then Bellamy says the same thing when they hit the river that wasn't supposed to be there after they were attacked by Trikru. I really liked Bellamy and Roan working together to get Clarke and the hydrazine back after his people took them. I also liked the conversation between Clarke and Roan right before they got to the beach.

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    IMO Octavia is hoplessly lost.. I doubt even Bellamy on his death bed will bring her back.

    I also liked the Murphy - raven scenes, but she was SPOT ON with her assessment of what Murphy is.. A leech.
    And i loved the Bellamy-Roan scenes.. Those 2 are really bonding well..

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    I'm interested in seeing where Octavia's story arc is going this season. She seemed to kind of be at a breaking point this ep when she remembered Lincoln and what happened to him. She could have killed Ilian, but she didn't, she went off to be by herself.

    I think Murphy is trying to be a better person, he's grown a lot since season one. I think he really regrets some of what he's done in the past and that he feels guilty about what he did to Raven. He did steal the radiation medicine for Luna's people and helped Raven out when the drones were firing at her.

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    The moment Luna calmed Raven, that's the moment that she became my new favorite. Her character was compelling since she first appeared, but this is where we really get to see her be probably a better leader than Clarke. I mean, she would just yell at Raven and and stuff. Luna actually got Raven to calm down by repeating one simple phrase.

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