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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE EXPANSE - SEASON TWO
    After learning the truth about Eros Station Fred Johnson rallies the Belter factions to join the Rocinate crew for a dangerous raid to acquire intel on the protomolecule. While political forces on Earth try to push the planet into a war with Mars, Avasarala decides to work her own back channels to get answers.

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    I thought the first episode of the season was pretty good, but this one was even better. I'm glad that this show is back on.

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    Its good but it feels so dam slow, I had to bingewatch series one after it originally aired just to understand it, seems I'll have to do the same again this time lol

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    For Miller shooting Dresden, I can understand the reason behind it. Miller seeing Belters on Eros treat like experimental subject and less than human do make furious about. Loving Chrisjen letting Admiral Souther express his own opinion on her is spot on!!!Also Fred Johnson spacing the Black Sky faction guy, and he doing it in his face, in his face men!!! And the Thoth Station assault scenes are epic!! Especially using the Roci to take out the Protogen Stealth ship!!!

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    Dresden was successfully making his case. Miller could see it happening right in front of him. And he KNEW what he had to do. He knew his "Julie" could never look him in the face again if he did not do the Beltalowda thing.

    And he KNEW the cost. He had *finally* found a place (the Roci) where he might belong. He was invited. He'd saved/been saved by Holden, bonded with Naomi, worked things out with Amos, shared lasagne and cheese fart stories.

    And he knew that he was going to lose that, because of what he owed to Julie.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian-S View Post
    Its good but it feels so dam slow, I had to bingewatch series one after it originally aired just to understand it, seems I'll have to do the same again this time lol
    I'll agree the first season was a little slower at times (not that I mind that: it's often necessary for world-building at least), but the second one is crazily fast-paced.

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