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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterking72 View Post
    I think full on Killer frost was a bit early, even for a show as fast paced as the Flash. I expected maybe some strong anger issues, but going full throttle then backing up again to tamed ol' Dr. Snow was the fastest emotional change on the show so far.

    She definitely has a face that screams that white/blonde hair looks good on her. I often get disappointed when actresses who look stunning having dark brown or black hair suddenly wind up having blonde or short blonde hair. However Panabaker was made for white/blonde hair. I think.

    I do hope that Barry needs a team up to beat this Savitar guy. Like a Flash/Vibe/Killer Frost trio. I think they'd be able to handle the guy.
    First KF would hit Savitar with an ice blast. Enter Barry with a supersonic punch(shattering his armour and exposing his body), then when Savitar is on the ground Vibe makes a soup of his organs with his sonic waves.

    I too think it was way too sudden and quick of a turnaround in the end. I got taken out of the moment in that instant. And no, I am not biased by my....inclinations towards liking killer frost >.>

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    What also bothers me that the show wants to tell us that her powers is what turning her evil.
    So again they ignoring the traumas she's been trough.
    Well, for the most part. She did say that she is angry about all the bad things that has happened to her and that's why her "evil" side was "winning" in the times she hurt people.
    BUT, and that's what Barry was thinking (which is also the shows idea masked inside as a suggestive hint) is that her powers is the main reason she becomes evil.
    Now I don't eat that crap.
    Why would any one who loses a loved one or two, suddenly gaining powers turn on the only close friends he/she got? Even if she somehow feels that Barry is responsible for Ronny's death it's not reason enough (for me) to want to kill that person. She also very well knows that the black hole Ronny gave his life for to close was Eobard's doing. Yes, Barry agreed to it, but he also foolishly thought that they will be able to control the thing.
    However he didn't know that the show needed a cliffhanger for the end of season 1. He is not Deadpool after all.
    So that only leaves the timeline altering, which supposedly gave her powers. Which is not clear on me still, because all the other Flashpoint meta needed Alchemy to "unlock" their powers and Caitlin didn't show any signs of KF in the Flashpoint timeline. So it's still kind of a mystery for me how she got her powers. I hope the show will elaborate on it.
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