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    Visit the Episode GuideFEAR THE WALKING DEAD - SEASON TWO
    Travis deals with a difficult situation after Chris shoots a man, attempting to prevent his son from going further off the rails with his new friends. Refugees press in on the hotel, and Madison reveals a truth to her daughter.

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    It's hard to watch these character make stupid mistakes like turning on all the lights at the hotel. It looked like they ended up taking all the refugees in anyway. But, where are all the walkers? You would think the light and then all the noise of the refugees banging on the fence would of attracted a few.

    I just can't stand Chris and was glad to see him drive off, although I'm sure we'll see him again. I just hope Travis can cowboy up a little bit, not to become like Chris and start shooting people but to at least see that things aren't going to just get better.

    I have no idea what to expect at the finale.

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    I also can't stand Chris and I'm also sure we'll see him again, but I really don't care to at this point.

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