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Well you can certainly tell they had zero budget for these episodes. I just found both of them boring myself. I didn't feel they were rush, I just felt they wasted
a tonne of time on stuff I really don't care about, Lyatt and lucy and Jiya and Rufus relationships. An there was just generally way to much talking and not enough action. Should have save all the mopey crap for five minutes, an had a rocking adventure trying to stop Jiya vision from happening. Which is the result of the actions being done by those two from the future.
I agree 100%. I was actually checking my phone during the second half, I was so bored.

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Did anyone else felt the team break up and going their seperate ways didn't make much sense. Jiya presumably still had her visions and she knew a horrible future waited for them, they never knew enough about Rittenhouse to be 100% sure that they didn't have a element out their building a copy of the time machine or other factions intent on rebuilding the organisation, they had it in their possession long enough to study it.
An on top of this Connor had already convince Denise that others will invent time travel, it only a matter of time.

A better ending would have been Denise announcing that they were going to become a permanent government organisation with a remit to protect the past.
Again, I agree. It seems like they wanted to make a "happy ending" (for everyone except for Amy and Flynn) so that they sacrificed plot in order to make it happen.