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    Visit the Episode GuideFEAR THE WALKING DEAD - SEASON TWO
    Madison, Strand, Alicia, and Ofelia find temporary refuge in an abandoned hotel, hoping for a respite in the midst of a city of the dead. Elsewhere, Nick must prove himself to his new community when he joins Luciana on a supply run.

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    I liked learning more about Madison, interesting that she is from Alabama. I wonder if she is somehow connected to one of the characters from the original. I thought Alisha was going to be a drama queen pain the butt type, but she seems to be the only one using her brain. At first I thought it was Ophelia tossing herself off a balcony when the first walker fell. I know it's only been weeks in their world, but they should know better than to make so much noise. Wonder how they are getting out of the bar...

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