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    Visit the Episode GuideDARK MATTER - SEASON TWO
    A test of the experimental Blink Drive sends the Raza to a parallel reality, where they attempt to forge an alliance with the Mikkei Combine's Commander Truffault in order to stop their evil doppelgangers.

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    So I was partially right, the Blink drive doubles as Dimension drive. I can already bet it was Corso who came through with them. The episode was pretty good, eventhough mostly a Filler. It was just messed up that the Android caused no trouble whatsoever. I mean she clearly knew she was working with alternate Versions of her Crew and simply cooperated? I thought that 6 would use the shutdown command right this ep, but now its probable we will see that happen later. He just hopefully doesnt cross the Crew again.
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    Default Re: Stuff to Steal, People to Kill (208)

    I also figure it was Corso that came through with the alternate Maurader....
    Also wonder why Alt Android worked with Alt. Crew members...maybe we'll find out later.

    Also: Five and Six aren't on the Alt ship and we get to see that Five's influence(starting with the memory wipe) has clearly made them better people.

    Somehow I can't believe that's the end of another poster pointed out, why introduce him and give him a backstory, and then kill him off(Plus the ship could use a Doctor, right?)

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