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    Default Figure Stands

    I figured this would be the best place to post this since all of the SG-1 figures I have don't seem to have the holes in the bottom of the feet.

    I have always wondered about stands for my figures that could utilize the holes in the feet that the SGA figures have. I have seen many bases but they come in different sizes so I am unsure which one would be best for these figures. Today I was at a local Comic store and found some DC bases and bought a couple just to test them out and they work surprisingly well holding up the figures, the only problem I have is that they are about 3 inches in diameter so they take up a lot of space and there is only one peg but it fits pretty snug.

    I was just curious if anyone would have the size of the holes in the feet or if there is a certain brand of base that someone could recommend. I know for the SG-1 figures I will have to buy the bases that have the stand that goes up and around the figure so I don't really need any help with those.

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    Default Re: Figure Stands

    I would be interested to know this as well as I currently have my figures on display on a temporary shelf but am looking to move them to a display cabinet.

    I've also looked for the stands that hold the figures at the waist, does anyone have any and what are they like?

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