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    Post Hollywood Ending (210)

    Visit the Episode GuideAGENT CARTER - SEASON TWO
    The Season 2 finale finds everyone facing a mission they may not come back from as Peggy urges Howard Stark to eliminate Zero Matter. (ABC)

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    Default Re: Hollywood Ending (210)

    A rather lackluster ending, but i did like how Peggy and Sousa finally kissed. AND that the batship crazy queen, got locked in a mad house.....

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    Default Re: Hollywood Ending (210)

    I really do like Peggy and Sousa together (even though she spent most of the season fighting for Wilkes, looking out for Wilkes etc rather than Sousa!..) but the cliffhanger ending...!!! And if there's no season 3, I'm just going to wonder at all the hints that they're dropping.

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    Default Re: Hollywood Ending (210)

    Peggy and Daniel are cute together and I hope there is season 3. But I heard Hayley Atwell got a role in another series and Agent Carter is not so high in ratings as ABC would like to, so season 3 is endangered

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    Agent Carter is missing the parts of how she created the SHIELD and the element that makes Agent of SHIELD good. It's a bit steampunk and comedy at the same time and you cant take it seriously. Full season is made to take care of only one villain and no interesting technology or inhumans.
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    Default Re: Hollywood Ending (210)

    Mad woman fnally got lock up in a mad house!!
    Carter and Sousa finally kiss, congrat!!And Loving the music they use on this scene!!
    I really how can Howard Stark can still be playing golf in front of big dimensional rift .......
    And No......IS Jack Thompson is Dead??Who kill Thompson and WHY? Agent Thompson character starting to growing on me......
    And can season three be talk about the founding of SHIELD??

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