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    Default Rey and Finn's accents

    Maybe this has some relevance in-universe and maybe not, but I found it curious that both Daisy Ridley and John Boyega are British actors, but Boyega's character was not using his own accent. Meanwhile Rey kept her actress' accent. Why do we think this is?
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    Default Re: Rey and Finn's accents

    In both the old EU, as well as the previous six films, a British accent tends to mean a "Coreward" accent (Coruscanti in particular). In galactic terms the Core tends to be the heart of civilization (versus the increasing lawlessness the further into the Rim you go), so it tends to be a handy identifier of origin. In real-world terms I think it was also a bit of a shrewd choice when it first came to casting the OT; while many of the Imperial officers are 'snooty,' their accent is readily identifiable to North American audiences as British. Which is to say, cultured, distant, and perhaps a bit condescending. I don't mean to criticize my Brits, all I'm talking about here is the subconscious associations of a North American (US in particular) target viewing audience.

    TFA is a new animal which may not conform to the same loose rules followed in the previous films, but if we do so anyway we can perhaps infer that Finn's upbringing/training/conditioning was not done in the Core Worlds, and that perhaps the territory controlled by the First Order itself is not in the Core.

    Applied to Rey it's a bit more mysterious. She is 19 in TFA and has been ekeing out an existence on her own on Jakku since she was 13 (both bits of info confirmed in book "Before the Awakening"). We could suppose that maybe she spent her childhood in a more 'civilized' place, for instance, but for someone who spent her teenage years on harsh Jakku, there's surprisingly little of the local patois in how she speaks.

    I mean, aside from when she yells at that one scavenger in its own language and sounds like she's cursing like a sailor at him
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    Default Re: Rey and Finn's accents

    I just found it so funny, rey like all destitute and scavenging yet she sounds quite posh

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    Default Re: Rey and Finn's accents

    Apparently the actors British accent sounded terrible for a storm trooper/Finn, he even said so on the Graham Norton show

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    Default Re: Rey and Finn's accents

    According to wookieepedia's canon info... which is very scant, its mostly based off Admieral Piett's accent. Since Piett was born on a Outer Rim World he wss considered a rimmer or the like, a really low level type of noble, so while working in the Military, he also worked on his accent to get rid of the Rimmer Accent he was born with to take on a more Coreward Accent, a more areistocratical type of accent to make others think he was born in the Core or even Colonies.

    Also one thing confuses me,
    why in the vision did she see herself as a child of around 5 or 6 in the film if she is to be 13 when dropped at Jakku in the books ?

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    Default Re: Rey and Finn's accents

    Something odd happened to her memories, maybe?

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    Default Re: Rey and Finn's accents

    Like a force enhanced mind wipe!

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