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    Visit the Episode GuideSUPERGIRL - SEASON ONE
    Winn's villainous father, a mass murderer nicknamed the Toyman, breaks out of prison and tries to reconnect with his son. Meanwhile Cat offers Lucy Lane a job at CatCo, and Alex asks Hank to use his secret abilities to infiltrate Maxwell Lord's facility and learn what he is up to.

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    It was an interesting ep, and i like what they are doing with Maxwell..

    Loved how he played Alex, and now knows supergirl's secret.

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    The way she is going she might just as well put up billboards with her identity on them, because she sure isn't keeping it a secret.

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    Okay, so when Winn mentioned his father was in jail a couple episodes ago, I didn't expect him to be there for murder.

    Toyman Sr. escapes from prison, which is clearly not someone Winn wants to be reminded of. And for good reason.

    It's great to see some backstory to Winn and where he comes from. And how he deals with having a murderous father. When he gets kidnapped and his father is telling him the perfect plan to be together, the perfect way for him to take care of his son (no matter what happens -- they will be together). I don't think Winn would have hurt the other guy, even if Supergirl hadn't been there to save the day. I believe he would have tried to safe as many people as possible from the bombblasts. Winn's not a killer, no matter the dilemma put forward. But luckily we do not have to ponder the question, cause Supergirl saves the day, and Winn.

    In the meantime, at the DEO, Alex and Henshaw try to figure out what Lord is up to so Alex let's Lord whine an dine her. I bet she regrets that the moment he reveals she's having snail eggs. EW! And he plays her, sneaking that camera onto her bag. Bad boy Max.
    Henshaw's impersonation of Supergirl is better than Max, if you ask me. Nevertheless, he gets access to room 52 and gets to take some picture before being interrupted by a guard.

    So, what is Lord up to?
    Next episode!
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