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    Default Peter Jackson to direct Doctor Who?

    I just posted this on the News thread but I know not everyone goes there & this needs to be seen.

    Peter Jackson posted this on his Facebook page about 45 minutes ago.

    I don't know what to think!!

    Did Peter Jackson actually say he will be directing Doctor Who or is he just trolling us?

    Either way this vid is FANTASTIC!!

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    Default Re: Peter Jackson to direct Doctor Who?

    Is it Doctor Who night? Cos that means on the other channel its... The Walking Dead!


    This vid was just pure... god I hope Jackson gets no where near WHO.
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    Default Re: Peter Jackson to direct Doctor Who?

    Peter Jackson + Doctor Who, please make this happen!

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    Default Re: Peter Jackson to direct Doctor Who?

    This something that just going to happen one day, once everyone schedules can be matched up.

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