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    Post Brave New World (101)

    Visit the Episode GuideHEROES REBORN - SEASON ONE
    One year after a massive explosion decimated the town of Odessa, Texas, "Evos" -- people with extraordinary powers -- are ostracized, hunted, and even killed. Now living under an assumed identity, Noah Bennet is confronted by a conspiracy theorist who knows who he is. A high school student survives a mass killing at a church, and a war veteran considers taking up the mantle of a masked vigilante.


    Please avoid spoilers in this thread for the second half of the two-hour series premiere. You can talk about the entire 2-hour event in the "Odessa" thread.
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    Being i only caught like 7 or so episodes of the first Heroes, i felt it was a good intro.. Though YET again we have a TV show with humans hunting down and killing "supers' just cause..

    Can't the makers ever think of something else?

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    It was alright...I felt like they are recycling powers/skills. We already have a Japanese character who uses a sword, we already had/have people who can phase through objects, etc. And a lot of set up for not a lot of payoff, and killing off Jean so quickly is annoying.

    Also...NBC really cut their budget. Holy crap the CG is terrible compared to what it was 9 years ago.

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