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    Default Re: Final Hour (406)


    Timeline wise: S1 was set in 2012, S2 in 2013. S3 started in NOvember 2013 I believe but must have gone on into puts S4 into 2014 at least but I'm not dead cert.

    1. So Kellogg is..The Traveller? Or just stuck way in the past?

    2. Kiera.....oooh bleep...she gambled everything on getting home but...

    3. So who actually is Alec in the new timeline?

    Thank you very much people...was an I have to home there's another cool show to watch somewhere.

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    Default Re: Final Hour (406)

    I could suggest "Haven", another excellent show that SyFy has cancelled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosehawk View Post
    Really wish they could have ended the show with more than just six episodes. There was still so many stories to tell. They did a great job with what they had already shown.

    Nice ending to a wonderful show!
    I agree...I think the show's final season was a bit rushed in an attempt to tie up story lines, etc. However, over all, I enjoyed the show! I have all of the season on bluray!

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    It really would have been great to get all 7 seasons that Simon and the writers had in mind. I hate when a good story gets cut short. I am glad that they were able to get the 6 episodes and not get shut down like Dark Matter left us hanging. Orphan Black got to finish their story and it looks like 12 Monkeys will as well.

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    Default Re: Final Hour (406)

    I've just watched this for the first time, having caught the show on Netflix here in Oz.

    Have to say - the ending was spectacular!

    Yes, the final season was a bit eratic, not flowing quite as nicely as the rest, but I gather it was close to simply being shut down after 3 seasons, so - cudos to the writers for no doubt taking those 4 years worth of ideas, and working out how to make something fit into just 6 episodes.

    Not going to dissect, but - am I the only one who had this feeling that Kellogg becomes The Traveller...? I know it's a different actor who played the part, but...

    As for the ending... It was perfect. It was exactly right. It would have been easy to simply have Kiera arrive in the future and resume her life with her Odd Squad kid... But instead she has to settle for knowing that he will live his life in a much better world, with a different version of herself...

    And, yes, frankly, sadly, I could easily see her losing her mind going forward from that point...

    Actually I think I'd rather decide -

    Kiera decided to go backpacking around Europe for 10 years, then returned to Canada and found her son, and told him her story. He of course doesn't believe her at first, but her resemblance to his mother is remarkable... And with time he believes her.

    There. Much nicer.
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