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    Hi All
    I am selling my mint in box Diamond Select Figures for Stargate and Stargate Atlantis.
    Here's a list I am located in Australia.
    Ori Prior
    Ascended Daniel Jackson & Anubis
    Lt Colonel Cameron Mitchell
    Vala Mal Doran
    Jonas Quinn
    Lt Colonel Samantha Carter
    Jaffa Warrior Teal'c
    Black Ops Daniel Jackson
    Black Ops Teal'c
    Dessert Combat Jack O'Neill
    Dessert Combat Sam Carter
    Dessert Combat Daniel Jackson
    Dessert Combat Teal'c
    Avalon Vala
    Athosian Teyla
    Dr Rodney McKay
    Field Ops Teyla
    Field Ops Weir
    Field Ops Shepard
    Field Ops McKay
    Lt Colonel Shepard
    Doctor Weir
    Wrath Queen

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    Default Re: Diamond Select Figures

    Hi are the figures still available?

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